a lost and found box of human sensation


Interfilm Festival 2010, Berlin, Germany

Best Film - Berlin-Brandenburg Award

The International Jury were unanimous that this was the best in the International Competition. Any lingering doubts that animation is a suitable medium for the exploration of important issues are comprehensively dispelled by this film, which, over its 15 minutes, succeeds in its ambition of illustrating, though text and image, emotions of grief and loss and anger and confusion as experienced by a bereaved young man. This animated short film is a major achievement.

First Steps Awards 2010, Berlin, Germany

Best Short or Animated Film

Two students from Augsburg demonstrate all the things that can be done in an animated film: A LOST AND FOUND BOX OF HUMAN SENSATION is an imaginative, fast-paced visual tour de force that delves into the variety of animated technologies and visual worlds. This is a work on an international scale, due in part to the filmmakers’ collaboration with Joseph Fiennes and Ian McKellen, who lend it their sensational voice talents. The real strength of this little masterpiece lies in the fact that it subordinates all its impressive visuals to a story that could scarcely be more moving.

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