a lost and found box of human sensation

Europrix Multimedia Awards 2010, Graz, Austria

Winner Animations

A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation is an outstanding piece of animation which combines narration with high quality moving images. This is the secret of the success of this special genre of cinematography: An animated short can add unique visualization to sound, making a simple story into a work of art.

A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation includes a brilliant mixture of different kinds of animation techniques from computer generated 3D images through classical anatomical drawings to 2D cartoon style.

This cavalcade of different styles serves the dramaturgy in an extremely well executed way, inasmuch as the narration also has different shades of feeling from tragedy to humour, from the burlesque to film-noir. The art direction is perfect, as is the internal monologue and the narration, a remarkable part of the film itself.

The audiovisual experience of A Lost and Found Box of Human Sensation touches its audience deeply, no greater honour can be bestowed on a short film.

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